13 pics offer potentially spoilery peek at final episode of Fringe

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

It's almost over. We're closing in on the final few episodes of Fox's cult fave sci-fi series Fringe, and producer J.H. Wyman has been kind enough to share a first look at the series finale. Want to see how it's all going to end?

Wyman teamed up with Entertainment Weekly to show off some of his own behind-the-scenes pics taken during the final days of shooting, and it's a great peek into the process of wrapping up one of the most beloved series of the past decade.

From half-burned Observers to old friends coming back for the big farewell, these pics are loaded with interesting clues. That weird torture chair? It's back. Oh, and we also get a first look at a weird piece of tech that will apparently factor into the final phase of the plan.

Here are a few of Wyman's comments on the finale:

"Yesterday, we had an emotional day in the lab with a scene involving Walter and Peter. As they were performing it, you could hear a pin drop. After it was over, there was applause because it was so incredible, and sitting with John Noble after it was over, it all sort of hit me. I had been so busy, I never took time to realize, Wow, it's over. We both took a moment and sat there in silence. It was very heavy. Lots of strange emotions...

[We're] leaving viewers with a spirit of hope. The finale answers a lot of questions and recontextualizes the series in a great way. You'll understand how the characters emotionally get to where they land, and where they'll be after it's all over.''

Check out the pics below, and head over to Entertainment Weekly for more great comments from the showrunner.

The finale airs Jan. 18, 2013. How do you think it's all going to end?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)