13 reasons Scott Bakula is our favorite unproblematic silver fox

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Jul 26, 2018, 2:00 PM EDT

We live in a world with more access to the heroes of our youth than ever before. Thanks to social media, we know more about our favorite stars then we ever did, and it can have some rough outcomes. From William Shatner attacking "SJWs" on Twitter to Johnny Depp, just, like, generally, we can run a high risk of being disappointed by our faves.

And that’s why it’s so refreshing to be reminded that, as of yet (*throws salt over shoulder, knocks on wood*), Scott Bakula remains unproblematic and as un-milkshake duck as they come. So let’s celebrate some of the most wonderful things about him. Things like...

His existence inspired this, the purest website of all time: a website devoted entirely to one woman’s fan-made collages of Bakula.


It’s so good and pure and I want to live inside it forever.

His... situation in The Color of Night. I paid to rent this movie on Amazon purely to get this screenshot. You’re welcome. I’m welcome. The world is welcome.

Color of Night Bakula

A Google search of “scott bakula + problematic” produces nothing, thank heavens.


He’s better at work-life balance than most of us.

After missing most of his daughter Chelsy’s “formative years” during the Quantum Leap run, he decided to prioritize kids over career. He even had dinnertime written into his Star Trek: Enterprise contract. “I had it put in my contract that I would be done every Wednesday at 6 so I could be home for dinner,” he told People. AND he coached his kids’ sports teams.

He’s been a silver fox since he was 4. That was a problematic sentence, and I apologize for that, and I also apologize for now messing with the search results of “scott bakula + problematic.” Anyway, his white streak in his hair first appeared when he was just 4.

Scotty Bax loves to sing. He was nominated for a Tony for starring in Romance/Romance. When he left the show, he was replaced by Greg Brady, who I’m sure was happening in a far out way.

He also appeared on Broadway in the shows Is There Life After High School? and Marilyn, as well as Off-Broadway in 3 Guys Naked from the Waist Down. Don’t bother Googling--the title is a lie.

He, of course, tickled our ears with his dulcet tones on Quantum Leap.

And then did it again on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

He was supposed to sing on Enterprise at some point, but he was too busy saving lives and boring stuff like that.

He told fellow musical icon William Shatner, “We got so wrapped up in other story stuff that it seemed really inappropriate while I was trying to save the entire human race and the planet and start the Federation that I took an episode off to sing. It would be like ‘and then he went off to play golf.’”

His mother’s maiden name is Zummwinkel.

It is just a really good name.

He’s a space pacifist.

He’s anti-weapon, specifically in space.

“I had this great opportunity this year to get to know Mike Fink who just got back from six months on the space station and he had been there with his captain who was Russian. He left from Russia, he landed back in Russia, he spoke Russian, they had this joint effort going on and all he could talk about was how he couldn't wait to go back up and how great it was...It was like a small little microcosm where I hope we are heading with space exploration and what it will take and it's made me think a lot about that and a tremendous amount about no weapons in space and just how wrong that feels and how devastatingly challenging that could be if that ever became a reality. So those are the kind of things that were impactful to me.”

Though he admits this presents some narrative issues.

“I guess in an ideal world, and this would be in another franchise and it would not be Star Trek, that ship would go out without any weapons. But what would that have been like? We wouldn't have made it! It would've been a short season! We wouldn't have left the planet without any weapons.”

A good heart, a gentle spirit, and a song in his heart. That's why we love Scott Bakula. We would leap with him anywhere. 
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