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13 sci-fi and fantasy romances to check out this April

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May 27, 2020, 5:19 PM EDT (Updated)

We promised we'd be back, and we are! Each month, we're going to be spotlighting some of the genre romances coming out (in chronological order of release date), as well as leaving you with some miscellaneous evergreen picks we've been enjoying in our spare time (which isn't much, given how extensive and wide-ranging the SFF romance subgenre is).

We've rounded up 13 picks that SFF romance fans should look forward to and add to their to-read lists. Let us know what you're planning on reading this month in the comments below!

And, as a friendly reminder, you are always welcome to chat with us about what you're reading on Twitter, either individually or at SYFY FANGRRLS using the hashtag #FangrrlsRomance. Let us know everything you're loving about the wonderful world of SFF romance! 

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Top stories

Ivan (Kit Rocha) - now available

Technically, the latest book in Kit Rocha's Gideon Riders series was released just prior to the start of April, but we're the captains running the ship here and we will allow its inclusion. A new series set in the dystopian world of the Sectors, it's loosely connected to the previous Beyond books (which Kayleigh has touched on here), but you don't need to read those to jump into Gideon's Riders. The third book, Ivan, features a forbidden romance between a princess and her bodyguard—and if it's anything like the fare we've come to anticipate from Kit Rocha, it's going to be scorch-your-pages hot.


Hunger For You (Jenny Frame) - April 1

The first book in the Amelia & Byron series, Hunger For You had us hooked on the sheer premise: lesbian vampire erotica. An ancient vampire and clan leader falls for a female tailor, the first woman to ever capture her undead heart in centuries. Frame first teased the history of the relationship between the two characters in a novella published two years ago called Dapper, which you'll likely want to read first before picking this up if you want more of the backstory between Amelia and Byron.


Legendary Shifter (Barbara J. Hancock) - April 1

Part-Beauty and the Beast, part-Russian fairytale, this is the first in a planned trilogy from Hancock featuring the mysterious Romanov brothers and the women who love them. Legendary Shifter revolves around a romance between a retired ballerina named Elena Pavlova and cursed shifter Ivan Romanov, though hints at the relationships to come in the later two books. The cover alone drew us into checking this out early, and the captivating story makes you want to check out the remainder of the series.


Blood Veil (Megan Erickson) - April 3

Blood Veil is the second book in Erickson's new paranormal romance Mission series, which features an enemy-to-lovers plot. The second-in-command of a vampire clan plans on kidnapping the daughter of his rival, but she's an unassuming nurse who grew up in foster care and has no idea about her actual heritage. Plus the lead hero is named Idris. IDRIS. We have a lot of love for Idrises around here.


Masked Desire (Alana Delacroix) - April 10

In the second book of her Masked Arcana series, Delacroix tells the story of Masquerada (meaning she has the ability to change her face at will) Michaela Chui, who's tasked with dealing with fey Cormac Redoak, who's been exiled from the Fairy Court for various shenanigans. They become reluctant allies while Michaela attempts to solve a murder, growing closer all the while. Early reviews say this is well-written, steamy and fleshes out the rich fantasy world introduced in the first book.


Cyborg Fever (Grace Goodwin) - April 10

Our recent romance catnip has a bit of an alien or otherwise sci-fi bent, and this Interstellar Brides series by Grace Goodwin appears to be right up our alley. Cyborg Fever is the fifth book in her spinoff Interstellar Brides: The Colony series, which focuses on the concept of a mail-order bride system wherein you're paired with your perfect match somewhere out there in the universe. When a warlord starts experiencing a bout of mating fever, what else can one do but succumb to insta-love?


Her Guardian Angel (Larissa Ione) - April 10

Ione's latest novella is actually a crossover between her Demonica Underworld series and the erotic-suspense Master and Mercenaries books by author Lexi Blake. An earthbound angel named Suzanne finds herself having to protect professional bodyguard Declan — even though she's hired him to protect her in order to keep him close by. Naturally, staying in close quarters leads to naughty times.


The Thief (J.R. Ward) - April 10

Ward's ongoing paranormal romance series about the Black Dagger Brotherhood continues with The Thief, Book 16. The Brotherhood has recently aligned themselves with the Band of Bastards, and now the two groups are recommitting their mission to eliminate the evil Lessening Society. Against this backdrop, former cat burglar Sola has found herself facing a blast from her past with the vampire Assail — the one man who has been able to knock down her defenses. Will they finally admit their feelings for one another?


The Storm (Elizabeth Hunter) - April 17

The Storm is the sixth book in Hunter's Irin Chronicles, which is about an ancient war between fallen angels who inhabit Earth. Originally, The Storm was published in a holiday anthology, but it's now getting republished as a standalone with a bonus novella attached. Angel warrior Renata has kept the world at a distance, but only one person has managed to crack her armor: Max, a scribe who draws magic and power from the words literally inked into his skin. I mean, just look at that cover!


Stolen (Christine Pope) - April 18

The first book in the new Djinn Dominion series, Stolen is set in a version of Los Angeles where a deadly disease has wiped out most of humanity with few survivors. Leila Donovan is one of them, but what she doesn't know is that she's been selected by the djinn Malik as his Chosen, aka his partner 4 lyf. There are worse things to be than plucked from a deadly fate by a sexy djinn, but the situation gets more complicated when evil from Malik's past shows up to tear them apart.


Shifter Bound (Leisl Leighton) - April 20

Leighton's Pack Bound series takes place in a world where a witch coven has made a pact with a were pack in order to fight back an ancient evil known as the Darkness. In the third installment, Shifter Bound, shifter-witch Eloise has infiltrated a were pack as a spy but has to come to grips with her prophesied destiny as well as lone wolf (and romantic interest, obvs) Iain. Meanwhile, Eloise's brother and her former coven are working for the Darkness! Early reviews are praising the storytelling and the strength of the heroine.


Midnight Wolf (Jennifer Ashley) - April 24

Ashley, who also writes contemporary and historical romance, is releasing the 11th book in her successful Shifters Unbound series. Midnight Wolf's main romance pairs previously introduced wolf shifter Angus with new addition and fugitive shifter Tamsin. Reviews are already positive, and given that this story revolves around a somewhat grumpy single dad in the role of the hero this may be of very particular interest for certain SFF romance readers.


Blood Type (K.A. Linde) - April 24

Linde is releasing her new paranormal romance series throughout 2018, but the first book Blood Type (which is being described as vampires-meets-billionaire-alpha-male) is already getting rave reviews from fans. A desperate woman named Reyna accepts a job as a live-in "blood escort" from devastatingly handsome vampire Beckham, and of course the situation becomes way more intense than either of them expected. All three of the announced books in the trilogy (which is currently slated to wrap up in August) will revolve around their relationship.


Carly's Miscellaneous Recs

Admittedly, I took about a four-year break from reading romance on a regular basis, but now that I've gotten back in to reading and reviewing publicly for SYFY FANGRRLS, I'm diving deep. I was able to get my hands on an ARC of Robin Lovett's Toxic Desire (released in mid-March), which I promptly devoured. Badass female soldier stranded on an aphrodisiac planet with a sexy golden alien? Yes, please. Other than that, I recently finished JD Robb's Fantasy in Death, which is part of a series I like to refer to as my comfort reading because it's full of characters I know and love and always want to be around — even 30 books in. For Hamilton fans who want a little romance, check out the heartbreakingly beautiful Hamilton's Battalion novella trio too, with stories by Rose Lerner, Courtney Milan and Alyssa Cole.


Kayleigh's Miscellaneous Recs

Sometimes a romance comes along out of nowhere and suddenly everyone you know is not only reading it but screaming about its glory from the rooftops. That's what happened with Act Like It by Lucy Parker, a fizzy contemporary romance about warring actors who agree to pretend to be a couple to promote their failing play. Now, with the third book in her London culture scene series coming out this May, I felt the urge to dip back into her delightful debut. Last month, Carly recommended Alyssa Cole's A Princess in Theory and I must echo her sentiments. Cole once again proves why she's one of the best in the business with a Prince & the Pauper-style royal romance featuring a beautiful STEM student heroine. If you're looking for something a bit spicier, The Companion Contract by Solace Ames remains my favorite and most re-readable erotica. It's layered, passionate, socially aware and utterly empathetic.