13 Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror movies that will turn 20 in 2014

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT (Updated)

It's a whole new year for genre filmmaking, but let's look back and see what classics are celebrating a milestone.

Science fiction, fantasy and horror are enjoying a real renaissance recently. All three genres have been cleaning up at the box office, and 2014 looks like it'll continue that trend. But what about back in the day -- say, 20 years ago? What were our preferred genres back in 1994?

That's the question we put to ourselves, and the answer was interesting enough to warrant compiling a little list. We came up with 13 very different films that show what kind of genre movies were being made back then, and that just so happen to be turning 20 years old in 2014. So take a look, tell us your memories of these films, and let us know if there's something we excluded that ought to have earned a mention.