13 things we learned about Star Wars + more from Mark Hamill's Reddit AMA

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:27 AM EDT (Updated)

Mark Hamill let Reddit ask him anything yesterday, and as usual, he was full of amusing stories.

The once and future Luke Skywalker took quickly to the popular AMA (Ask Me Anything) format, fielding questions on everything from his secrets to a happy marriage, his favorite kind of soup, how he likes his guacamole, what his favorite movies are and, of course, lots and lots of Star Wars talk.

In the course of his AMA, Hamill returned time and time again to questions about the saga that made him a star. He talked about moments on the set, props, blue milk, that big Empire Strikes Back twist and, perhaps most importantly, the future of Luke Skywalker ... though he sadly didn't end up saying much with regard to that.

The whole feed is certainly entertaining, and you can read it all here, but if you'd rather just peruse the highlights, we rounded up a baker's dozen of our favorite Hamill answers in the gallery below, including a lot of Star Wars. Check it out. 

(Via Reddit)

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