Check out 13 scary horror movie trailers that still freak us out

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Dec 17, 2012

Halloween season got you a little jumpy? Well, nothing exceeds like excess. Dim the lights for the 29th of our 31 Days of Halloween posts and watch this jarring lineup of classic scary movie trailers, the best of the best at making our poor hearts pound. Go ahead, and keep telling yourself ... it's only a trailer ...

Remember the first big fright film trailer you ever saw? That nauseating sense of dread and the delicious state of disturbia you entered? Moist, clammy hands dropping your beloved bucket of popcorn onto a dark sticky floor? No? Then maybe you've blocked it out. A great horror movie trailer is a mini-marketing tool designed to elicit an emotional response, trigger lasting impressions and get you hooked on seeing the flick when it's released.

Basically to get you to buck up and buy a damn ticket.

With the advent of online viral campaigns, social media juggernauts and our mobile obsessions with electronic appendages, our brains are bombarded with a constant advertising assault, making an effectively crafted trailer more essential than ever.

Check out this all-star terror team of horror trailers old and new that do an excellent job tapping into the mysterious primal fears that drive us. From the evil reflections in Mirrors and gushing blood-flood of The Shining, to those creepy-as-all-hell phantom whispers in White Noise, these potent previews prove the point that there's nothing like a good old-fashioned scare.

Watch if you dare. And yes, that's my hand you're squeezing.











MIRRORS (2008)



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