14 awesome sci-fi rewards you can earn on Kickstarter right now

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Jul 26, 2013, 4:41 PM EDT

Kickstarter isn't just about helping creators make cool stuff. It's also about the swag you can get for your trouble.

Sure, you can go the cheap route and chip in $25 in exchange for a copy of the book or album or film or game that you backed, and that's great, but what if you'd like to drop some serious coin in exchange for some serious prizes? If you've got enough money to burn to help a Kickstarter creator make their dream a reality in a big way, they're willing to give you some really cool stuff. With that in mind, we combed Kickstarter for current sci-fi, fantasy and horror projects of all stripes that offer the coolest rewards in exchange for your big pledges. We found awesome original art, game design opportunities, chances to appear in films and more, and you can check them all out below. 

Note: We've also recorded how many days each project has left in its funding cycle as of Friday, July 26, so keep that in mind if you're reading this at a later date. Some of these only have a few days left, and the biggest rewards are the most limited, so if you're really interested, it's better to get to the project sooner rather than later.