14 classic sci-fi films that could be blockbusters in rerelease

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Jul 4, 2015, 4:04 PM EDT

With The Lion King taking first place at the box office last weekend, it got us thinking: What other old-school favorites could storm theaters and—unlike The Lion King—without the benefit of 3-D?

Everyone loves a rerelease, right? A chance to see beloved movies the way they're meant to be seen is one not to be missed. And if you live in a major metropolitan area with a decent arthouse theater, that opportunity can occasionally be in your grasp. But if not ... well, not. But with the news of The Lion King's almost $30 million weekend, and a Ghostbusters rerelease potentially on deck for this October, we're gonna offer some titles that could bring smiles to faces and cash to the bank.

Road Warrior

Most Americans discovered this film on video, which is too bad. Not that they discovered it, of course, but because director George Miller's widescreen carnage begs for a large canvas to unspool on.


It's an artsy satire masquerading as a splatter flick pretending to be a sci-fi thriller. And it's a lot funnier than people gave it credit for ... and you don't notice it, really, unless you're with an audience.

Terminator 2

Strangely, or presciently, the groundbreaking CG work in James Cameron's sequel has aged incredibly well. And this was the film that established the future Oscar winner as an action maestro.

The Thing

If the new Thing is, as they say, a prequel, then it might behoove some theaters to plan a double feature. I know I'd strap in for both ...


Speaking of scary chillers getting prequels—sorta—that could dovetail into older classics ...

The Matrix

Well, duh.

Back to the Future

You know when your grandparents complain that there aren't any good wholesome movies out there? This would be the perfect response. Get on it, Hollywood.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

If J.J. Abrams' Star Trek 2 isn't gonna make it to screens until 2013, then Paramount could do worse than give us another Star Trek II, even for a couple of weeks.


It's the manliest movie ever made (suck it, Wild Bunch). That alone is reason enough to give it another wide release. It also might not hurt for whoever gets Arnold Schwarzenegger's next flick to remind people what his prime really looked like.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Here is Steven Spielberg at his most emotional, without resorting to the emotional manipulation that he'd fall into later (Always, anyone?). It's been rereleased before—no reason not to expose it to a new generation.

28 Days Later

Audiences never get tired of zombies. Heck, if they can give us five Resident Evil flicks, they can let us watch Danny Boyle's truly great one again. Halloween does come every year ...

Galaxy Quest

If the Ghostbusters rerelease works, then I demand to see the other great sci-fi comedy on the big screen. I demand it!

The Fly

The gooey practical effects in David Cronenberg's remake haven't aged one bit. It'd be a great Valentine's Day movie—what's sweeter than Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis falling in love (while he falls apart)?

Men in Black

Love him or merely like him an awful lot, Will Smith is the last great movie star. And with Men in Black 3 coming next May, why not remind people why they fell for the series in the first place?

What would you like to see back on the big screen?

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