14 films that answer the question: Why should Wonder Woman be nominated for an Oscar?

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Jan 24, 2018, 1:02 PM EST

The 2018 Oscar nominations were announced this morning, and genre movies are having a pretty great day. In addition to one very beloved sexy fish movie, genre flicks were also fairly well represented in the technical categories, per usual. 

The Shape of Water led the way with 13 nominations overall, Logan grabbed a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, while Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Blade Runner 2049, Kong: Skull Island, War of the Planet of the Apes and Star Wars: The Last Jedi duke it out for Best Visual Effects in an entirely genre-filled category, among other nods.

But one film was notably absent.


Yes, Wonder Woman, you know, the best superhero film of all time according to Rotten Tomatoes, received zero nominations. "But why would it be?" some people with bad opinions might be asking. "What could it possibly be nominated for? It's hardly Oscar caliber." 

Well, perhaps you should take it up with some of the other films that have been nominated for Oscars. Which is not to take anything away from these films. Even the ones of arguable narrative quality feature excellent work from the technical masters behind the scenes. 

Wonder Woman getting so little attention this awards season disregards its own excellence, like that of cinematographer Matthew Jensen and his use of color and handling incredible scenes like No Man's Land or Lindy Hemming's costume work which was a gorgeous display of female strength and empowerment. The film's visual effects in No Man's Land and the battle on Themiscyra mix practical action and CGI seamlessly to deeply affecting results. Not to mention the absolute gift Patty Jenkins gave us a superhero film not created for the male gaze, for once.

Comic book movies still strive to be taken as seriously as other films, and that's true across the board. When you look back at some other films the Academy has seen fit to honor, Wonder Woman's absence is all the more noticeable. 

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians was nominated for Best Visual Effects and Best Makeup and Hairstyling at the 2015 Academy Awards.


Superman Returns

The film with the superior modern Superman (#JusticeForRouth!) was nominated for Best Visual Effects at the 2006 Academy Awards.

Iron Man 3 kneeling_0.jpg

All three Iron Man movies

In 2009, Iron Man was nominated for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Editing. Two years later, Iron Man 2 was nominated for Best Visual Effects, as was Iron Man 3 in 2014.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The third Transformers nabbed three Oscar nods in 2012 for Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing. It was nominated for eight Razzies the same year.


The Avengers

Our Marvel heroes all gathered together and got a nom for Best Visual Effects in 2013. The same cannot be said for our DC heroes, as Justice League also got nada. 

The two Magnetos

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past became the first X-Men film to be nominated when it was included in the Best Visual Effects category in 2013.


Doctor Strange

Just last year, the good Doctor was nominated for Best Visual Effects.

Captain America Winter Soldier.jpg

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Yep, Best Visual Effects. Are you sensing a theme yet?

First transformation - The Mask

The Mask

Oh yes, we're counting it. The Mask was nominated for Best Visual Effects in 1995.


Batman Forever

1995 was good to Jim Carrey. The same year, Batman Forever was nominated for both Best Cinematography and Best Sound Editing. It was not nominated for Best Song for "Kiss from a Rose," and honestly, how dare you, Academy?

suicide squad

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was not only nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling last year; it won.


Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

I know it's not a genre movie. I just need to talk about the fact that a Jackass movie was nominated for an Oscar while Wonder Woman was not. Don't get me started on The Boss Baby.