14 geeky Valentine's Day gifts for the Wonder Woman fans and other nerds in your life

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Feb 9, 2018, 3:11 PM EST (Updated)

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us and everyone knows how this particular holiday can be pretty stressful when you still haven't found that perfect something for the nerdy love of your life.

Thankfully, we at SYFY WIRE have compiled a list of geeky gifts to help send your soulmate to nerdvana. With items inspired by Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Outlander, Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, comic books, and more, we're sure you'll find what you’re looking for.

Check out our selection of 14 gifts to share with your Chosen One for Valentine's Day.

Empire Strikes Back Mug Think Geek

Star Wars I Love You / I Know 14oz. ceramic mug

This officially licensed Star Wars mug immortalizes the iconic declaration of love between Han Solo and Princess Leia, just as our space rogue is about to be frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back. The image on the mug is one taken from earlier in the movie when the two of them are about to share a first kiss. Think Geek: $5.99.

Outlander personalized bracelet Etsy

Outlander personalized bracelet

This beautiful Outlander handmade bracelet is made to order and can be personalized for the Sassenach in your life. Be her very own Jamie Fraser and offer her this perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Prices start at $16.99 for one charm (with no bead) on Etsy. Materials used include crystal, silver plated, copper, brass and aluminum.

Wonder Woman Funko Dorbz Ridez

Funko Dorbz Ridez Wonder Woman on horse collectible vinyl figure

Perfect for any Wonder Woman fan (or the Amazonian princess in your life), this totally adorable four-inch Wonder Woman collectible figure features Diana on her horse. This could be the cutest thing ever. $16.65 on Amazon.

Star Wars Plush Bouquet

Star Wars plush bouquet

Nothing says "I love you" and "I know" like this nerdy bouquet of nine Star Wars characters from a galaxy far, far away. The bouquet includes long-stemmed (which are detachable) plush versions of BB-8, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Wicket, Yoda, Han Solo, Leia, Darth Vader and a Porg. $49.99 exclusively at Think Geek.

Harley Quinn and Joker Funko Pop

Funko Vynl Harley Quinn and Joker vinyl figure 2-pack

Those two may not be ideal relationship goals, but there's no denying the fan appeal of the Joker and Harley Quinn as DC Comics' most iconic and infamous couple. The villainous duo comes all bundled up in a plastic box protector with removable film for your display convenience and is a perfect Valentine's Day gift for any DC fan. $28.95 at Amazon.

Game of Thrones Funko Daenerys and Drogon

Funko POP Rides: Game of Thrones - Daenerys & Drogon action figure

The Mother of Dragons may have *SPOILER ALERT* found love in the arms of the King of the North (Jon Snow), but nothing beats the bond between Daenerys and Drogon. The Funko POP figure shows Dany riding her beloved dragon in this fiery collectible that will make the Game of Thrones fan in your life shower you with kisses. $26.72 at Walmart.

Wonder Woman Mattel Giffset

Barbie Wonder Woman Paradise Island giftset

This Mattel gift set commemorates the scene where American pilot Steve Trevor crash-lands on the shores of Paradise Island and is saved from drowning by Diana. The fully articulated dolls are sculpted to represent the likenesses of actors Chris Pine and Gal Gadot and costumed like the characters in the Wonder Woman movie. $125.00 at Mattel.

outlander thousand kisses keepsake box

Outlander Thousand Kisses keepsake box

This hardwood jewelry case features the quote "Da mi basia mille" from a poem by Catullus. Jamie had this engraved inside Claire's wedding ring in Diana Gabaldon's novels (not on the show) and makes for a perfect gift for the love of your life so she can store all her Outlander-inspired jewelry. $22.99 at Cafe Press.

Star Trek Cats

Star Trek Cats

Boldly go where no cat has gone before with this book by Jenny Parks which reimagines all your favorite Star Trek: TOS characters as cats. Featuring iconic scenes from the series with a feline twist, it's the perfect gift for someone who loves Star Trek and/or cats. $12.16 at Amazon.

Star Wars His and Her pillowcase Etsy

Star Wars His and Her Pillowcase set, I Love You, I Know

This personalized 100% cotton pillowcase set will cement your love as the Princess Leia and Han Solo of your bedroom. Lay your heads down together and share in your dreams set in a galaxy far, far away. Starting at $28.00 on Etsy... depending of pillow size, of course.



This giant TARDIS mug is the perfect gift for the time traveler in your life. Made to look like the Doctor's very own TARDIS in the shape of a Big Blue Police Box, the mug is just what the Doctor ordered to use for a restorative cup of tea (especially after an exhausting regeneration) or any other beverage of your choice. $19.99 at Think Geek.

Star Trek Seven of Nine Statue

Star Trek Femme Fatales Seven of Nine statue

Made in the likeness of Jeri Ryan's über-sexy Star Trek: Voyager Borg character, Seven of Nine, the nine-inch statue comes with her own display: the alcove she used to recharge while on Voyager. Prepare to be assimilated for $39.99 on Entertainment Earth.

Star Trek TNG pint glass set

Star Trek: TNG Insignia 4-pint set

Hang out at your very own Ten Forward after work where you can share a glass of Saurian Brandy, Romulan Ale, Aldeberan Whiskey, synthehol or any non-alcoholic beverage with your sweetheart. The set of four glasses come in clear, red, blue and gold and are decorated with The Next Generation-style insignias. $9.99 at Think Geek.

Princess Bride Coloring Book

The Princess Bride: As You Wish: Memorable Quotes to Color

Now you can relive The Princess Bride's most memorable lines and scenes thanks to this new coloring book illustrated by Rachel Curtis released for the film's 30th anniversary. Color your way "as you wish" through 80 pages of illustrations featuring some of your favorite characters, including Inigo Montoya, the despicable Humperdinck, the Dread Pirate Roberts/Westley and his lady love Buttercup. $14.48 at Barnes & Noble.

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