14 reasons sci-fi fans should celebrate David Bowie’s birthday

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Jan 8, 2014

Today is the 67th birthday of David Bowie, aka Ziggie Stardust, aka the Thin White Duke, aka the Man with One Brown Eye.  Bowie isn’t just a musician/composer who is cooler than the entire staff of Blastr combined; he’s sold over 140 million albums over 50 years, and many of his art-rock songs, such as “Heroes” and “Modern Love,” have become radio standards. So what does that have to do with sci-fi?

Plenty. In addition to some great music with sci-fi elements, Bowie has acted in some memorable fantasy films. Plus, he has served as an inspiration for filmmakers (including his son, Duncan Jones, who directed the 2009 film Moon). And we’re not just talking about contributing to soundtracks. Bowie’s music -- and personality -- has influenced the storylines themselves. 

If you’re not a fan, check out what you’re missing.



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