September SFF romance recs
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14 sci-fi and fantasy romances to cozy up with in September

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May 27, 2020, 4:38 PM EDT (Updated)

Welcome to another edition of our FANGRRLS Romance series, where your unapologetic romance fans (that's us) round up some of the reads we're looking forward to this month, as well as the slightly older titles that have been stealing our attention lately.

We've put together a whopping 14(!) sci-fi and fantasy romance recs to read now that we're heading into autumn, but this is by no means exhaustive. Let us know what you're planning on reading in the comments below.

And a friendly reminder, as usual: We're always on the lookout for authors with SFF romance titles to spotlight, so if you're a writer with a book coming out, let us know! You can also chat us up anytime on Twitter, either individually or via SYFY FANGRRLS using the hashtag #FangrrlsRomance. And don't forget to check out last month's releases in case you're looking to add a little backfill to your to-read list. Happy reading!

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Her Alpha Viking

Her Alpha Viking (Sheryl Nantus) - now available

Former soldier Erik is having trouble wrapping his head around what he's just witnessed: a literal angel collecting the souls of his friends on the battlefield. Turns out it's a Valkyrie named Brenna, sent to reap the souls of the dying. Of course, Brenna can't bring herself to collect Erik's soul along with his friends, and thus kicks off a forbidden romance in which the two must literally defy the gods if they want any chance at happiness together — not to mention the immortal hunter tasked with killing them.


The Princess Must Die (Jaymin Eve and Everly Frost) - now available

The first book in a planned Storm Princess Saga, The Princess Must Die is already earning rave reviews for its epic worldbuilding and rich history that brings the magical world hidden beneath Chicago to life. Storm Princess Marbella Mercy keeps her Elven city under control, but now that she has come of age, champions from other Elven houses compete in a game to win her hand. But as it turns out, the winner is cursed to kill the Princess, not marry her — and Marbella must fight for her life as well as for the fate of the storm that someone mysterious is planning to unleash in full.

Claiming His Lioness

Claiming His Lioness (Kerry Adrienne) - now available

The fourth installment in Adrienne's Shifter Wars series focuses in on prickly lioness shifter, the enforcer Lara, and her reluctant bond with fellow shifter Mason. With a potential battle against the humans looming on the horizon, Lara and Mason may have to give in to the tension brewing between them in order to fight their enemies together — and that's all while they have to unite three opposing shifter clans, to boot. Will they be able to save Deep Creek from the ultimate threat?

Dark Sentinel

Dark Sentinel (Christine Feehan) - now available

New York Times-bestselling author Christine Feehan returns to her longrunning Dark Carpathian series with a new, entertaining romance between a Carpathian warrior monk and the human woman who literally stumbles across him and his enemies. When Lorraine Peters comes across a helpless man being attacked, she doesn't realize she's encountered her new mate Andor or the vampire hunters who are hellbent on killing him. However, Lorraine hasn't just attracted Andor's attention; she's also drawn the notice of a master vampire foe.


Valor: An Alien Romance (Odyssey Rose) - September 7

Valor, the first book in the Unconquered Stars series from new author Odyssey Rose, is being described as an interstellar erotic romance novel with a blended family and an HFN (happy for now) ending between its pairing. Heroine Valerie struggles for survival along with her adopted son Aibek, until she unknowingly comes to the rescue of Verian, heir to a ruling class with designs on conquering Earth. He doesn't anticipate the fact that his savior will also be his soulmate; she wants to ensure that her planet will be protected at all costs.

Unexpected Hostage

Unexpected Hostage (Layla Stone) - September 9

With the first book in her new Unexpected series, Layla Stone presents a sci-fi romance twist on the question: "What would the world be like if you could hear everyone's thoughts?" Such is the conundrum faced by Sci, a telepath and kinetic from the planet Cerebral who finds himself frequently ostracized and later kidnapped as a result of his abilities, even though his race is largely peaceful. The only one who seems to truly understand him is his cabin-mate Sasha, and even while Sci plots his escape from his cage, he's also planning on taking Sasha with him.


Soulfire (Juliette Cross) - September 10

Tensions between humans and the Morgon dragon-hybrid race are at an all-time high, thus setting the backdrop for a delightful paranormal romance. Jessen is hardly looking forward to her upcoming nuptials, and rebels by wandering into Morgon territory. When she runs into the Morgon Lucius in the middle of a bar brawl, his inner dragon immediately marks her as his — even if his human side hasn't caught up yet. This re-release of the first book in the Nightwing series is being revised and updated with brand new scenes, meaning that long-time fans and new readers have something to look forward to.

Proxima Five

Proxima Five (Missouri Vaun) - September 11

This new speculative, dystopian romance revolving around a lesbian pairing is perfect for readers who want a genre twist on a classic relationship dynamic. After geologist Leah Warren wakes up from a long cryogenic sleep, she realizes she's crash-landed on a strange planet — and she's the only survivor in her ship's crew. When she's encountered by desert raiders, she finds herself drawn to clan warrior Keegan in particular, and over time the relationship between the two women intensifies. The only problem is clan chieftain Tiago, who rules with a tyrannical fist and who wants Leah for his own. Will Keegan be able to defeat her challenger for the love of a woman from another planet?


Chosen (Brey Willows) - September 11

A futuristic romance novel posits what could happen if climate change has an ultimately ruinous effect on Earth. Devin and Karissa are among those Chosen to be taken to a space station in order to start another civilization on a different planet — or so they think. When their convoy is attacked, they learn the true reason for their selection, all the while fighting their attraction to one another and fighting to survive. 

Crown of Bones

Crown of Bones (Keary Taylor) - September 18

The finale of Taylor's Blood Descendants Universe brings the series to a close in what fans are calling a "perfect end" to the world. As Logan Pierce's biological father plots to rise up against the Crown to challenge for rule over the vampires, it's not the only threat both she and her love interest Cyrus will face. The biggest battle still lies ahead: the fight to keep the vampires' secret. It's unclear how all of these conflicts will play out — or even if they'll resolve — but we'll find out when Crown of Death releases in mid-September.

The Wolf At Bay

The Wolf at Bay (Charlie Adhara) - September 24

Bureau of Special Investigations agent Cooper Dayton never thought he'd return to his hometown, a place that only offers bad memories of the past. This time around, he's being accompanied by his attractive new werewolf partner, Oliver Park (and he may or may not be using this trip to have an important DTR — Define The Relationship — talk.) But when Oliver picks up the scent of a dead body in the yard, and Cooper's dad becomes the number one suspect, the two will have to find a way to clear his name while going the unofficial route. Will they be able to solve a cold case while also clearing the air between what's going on in their relationship?

Touch The Sky

Touch the Sky (Kari Cole) - September 24

The sequel to Cole's Hunt the Moon (which we spotlighted last June) focuses in on another beloved character in her Mated by Fate series: Sheriff Vaughn Ellis, whose status as a double-shifter earns him a lot of unwanted attention — and makes it difficult for him to get close to anyone. Enter Hannah, the new girl in town (and the product of a witch/werewolf pairing). She's usually not one for following the law, but she might have to make an exception for the hot sheriff — and he her.

Phoenix Unbound

Phoenix Unbound (Grace Draven) - September 25

This new romantic fantasy from the USA Today bestselling author of Radiance sounds like it'll be right up the alley for readers who wanted an even more romantic (adult) twist on the concept of The Hunger Games. Each year, Gilene has been her village's designated sacrifice, sent to the Empire's capital in order to be burned alive for entertainment. Every year, her fire and illusion magic has been the only thing keeping her alive — until now. The Empire's gladiator Azarion can see through her act, and he intends on blackmailing her into using her powers to help him escape slavery.

Cross Breed

Cross Breed (Lora Leigh) - September 25

Fan favorite character Cassie Sinclair is all grown up now and getting her own book in Leigh's ongoing Breeds series. First introduced as an eight-year-old in 2004's Elizabeth's Wolf, Cassie is now an adult herself and holds a special place amongst the Breeds as a coyote/wolf mix. She's known for a long time that her mate is out there somewhere, but when she finally decides to make her move in finding him, it might prove a dangerous discovery for the entire Breed community.

Rebel Hard cover

Kayleigh's Miscellaneous Recs

Nalini Singh is best known for writing some of the best paranormal romance in the business, but did you know she also writes contemporary ones? September sees the release of Rebel Hard, a twist on the "set up by their parents" trope as our wallflower heroine has a passionate one-night stand with a stranger then discovers he's the man her parents have arranged for her to marry! Chanel Cleeton may be best known to romance lovers for her fiery contemporary novels set in the political realm, but she's now made her way into historical mainstream fiction with Next Year in Havana, a book that's been on my radar since none other than Reese Witherspoon picked it for her book club. If you can't trust Reese. who can you? If you fancy historical romance with a STEM twist, check out the Fly Me To the Moon series by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner, which follows the romantic entanglements of astronauts and their surrounding teams during the 1960s Space Race. It's all so very readable! 


Carly's Miscellaneous Recs

In the genre romance realm, I've been a fan of sci-fi author Ruby Lionsdrake for a long time, but was in the mood to read something more standalone rather than picking up an installment in a series. Unchained, which takes place on a prison planet and features a triad romance between a geeky neuroscientist and two cyborg criminals, is full of plenty of adventure and emotion — and it's practically begging for a sequel. Outside of traditional genre, I really enjoyed Victoria Helen Stone (who also writes romance as Victoria Dahl)'s Jane Doe, about a female sociopath who plots revenge on an unsuspecting insurance manager for her own personal reasons. It's unquestionably a thriller, but it also has an unexpected romance on the side and it was so engrossing that I practically read it in one sitting.