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Dec 15, 2012

You want SF? We gots yer SF right here. Step this way to see propaganda posters, mind-bending mashups, foreign movie posters and cool promo pics. And, over here, we've got sci-fi cookies (the tasty kind, not the browser-y kind), rumors, stunts and ... Ewoks become cool? C'mon in and enjoy another week's worth of Hottest Stories and Best Comments!

Our story: Check out 30 stunning (and persuasive) sci-fi propaganda posters

Your best comment: I would have liked to have seen something from Starfleet to the effect of:


Our story: 25 mind-bending sci-fi and fantasy art mashups

Your best comment: Yoda vs. Balrog -

I would hang that on my wall... — KZed

Our story: 13 insane foreign movie posters for sci-fi favorites

Your best comment: I'm going to go to YoTunes, download Yo,Robot and then watch it on my YoPad. — YoSmith

Our story: 19 freaky promo pics tease strange Doctor Who season finale

Your best comment: More importantly, what's in the BOX? Photo #4. — Dave

Our story: 5 surreal photos showing what superheroes do on their days off

Your best comment: The problem is that most of these don`t fit the 'day off' concept very well.

I do`nt know about you, but when I have the day off, I don`t go hang out places in my work clothes or go out of my way to pee in alleyways.

The Hulk one is the closest to fitting the concept. — Bob Dobbs

Our story: Bite into Star Wars, Star Trek and 16 other awesome sci-fi cookies

Your best comment: When 900 years you are bake as good you will not! — Jon

Our story: Are you ready for Xmas? Doctor Who is in 10 spoilery set pics

Your best comment: The TARDIS lands on The Island Of Misfit Toys !

Christmas AND a merchandizing tie-in !

You can`t egt more 'Christmassy' than that. — Remo

Our story: Sigourney Weaver confirms what we think we know about Prometheus

Your best comment: Ridley said it was going to be bigger in scope than Alien , and I hope so . Alien was always decent sci-fi and defined Giga-esque cinema . But supposing Sigourney could be right , and we are in for another horror-in-space epic , but would it interest ?! — Arn

Our story: 9 photos from Lucasfilm's outrageous Star Wars Blu-ray PR stunts

Your best comment: Millions and millions spent on marketing... but Vader the same height as the troopers and the Wookie looks more like the sasquatch from Harry and the Hendersons.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! — kraven

Our story: 9 of our favorite sci-fi actors transformed into Russian generals

Your best comment: Now I want to see an Russian military movie set in 1812 with these guys in it. — Mechagamera

Our story: Awesome Dad photoshops EWOKS into 4 family photos to impress kids

Your best comment: You ain't seen nothing yet - just wait until Lucas Photoshops this guy's kids into the next release of "Return of the Jedi." — bookant

Our story: Image of the Day: All the bad choices made in Game of Thrones

Your best comment: Yeah - and how can you leave out Sansa - Be selfish and stupid - Betray father and watch him DIE! — LauraF

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