15 cursed horror dolls we hope Santa won't be delivering this Xmas

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:27 AM EDT (Updated)

Let's face it, Santa has a pretty tough gig. All that jet lag and those nagging elves leaving cookie crumbs in the sleigh can elevate the big guy's blood pressure. Plus, when loading up on Christmas Eve, he's got to make sure to pack only dolls and puppets that won't attack or murder innocent recipients.

Luckily, Santa's track record is (mostly) sterling.

The primal fear of toys turning on us is embedded in our brains, and Hollywood has tapped into that nightmare with haunted dummies and malevolent dolls that can quickly turn holidays into hell. So Santa should review this horrific list of 15 movies and TV shows infected with naughty toys far, far removed from the Nice List.

Toys are our friends. Keep telling yourself that before you open that rattling present under the tree ...

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