15 more superhero team-ups we hope that Superman/Batman pic will make possible

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Aug 2, 2013

Sure, that Zack Snyder Superman/Batman flick is big news, but it shouldn't be the only team-up in town.

The team-up is a time-honored tradition in comic-book history, a chance for two heroes (often very different from each other) to take on a single foe and wow readers with their dual superpowers. While Marvel Studios has certainly embraced the team concept with The Avengers, the idea of just two heroes on equal footing in a single film is still largely unexplored in the comic-book-movie world.

Now that a flick uniting Superman and Batman (whether as friends or foes) is set to be a reality, it got us thinking: What if it leads to other team-up flicks? So, dreaming of a day when dynamic duos in superhero films are more commonplace, we compiled more than a dozen of our favorite superhero movie team-up ideas, from the spooky to the romantic to the just plain weird. 

What do you think? Other than Batman and Superman, what would your ideal superhero pairing be for a big-screen adventure?


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