15 New York Comic Con exclusives well worth fighting a zombie horde for

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Sep 29, 2017

Cons are awesome, in and of themselves. Any argument against that is invalid. What makes them all the more awesome, though, are all the exclusives that you never even knew you needed, like limited-edition vinyls, toys, and more. Unfortunately, most of these will be so limited at next week's New York Comic Con that you and the rest of the zombie hordes will likely miss out on them while slugging slowly through the exhibition hall.

But hey, if you're one of those fast-moving zombies, you may get there early enough, and you may just get lucky. And it doesn't hurt to dream about all the toys you want/need to get your hands, claws, tentacles, or other appendages on. So here's our wish list of the 15 coolest exclusives we've seen thus far. Good luck out there, collectors!


2017 Jim Lee’s Batman Rebirth Figpin

Booth: 2654

Price: $15

What’s a figpin, you ask? You can wear it, or you can stand it on your shelf to show everyone who enters your comic cave just how unfathomably awesome you are. Even the background card was made for this character as much as his batsuit. Jim Lee’s Dark Knight is dangerous, imposing, and a Joker antidote if there ever was one.


Amazing Spider-Man #29 and Venom #6 Francesco Mattina ComicXposure editions

Booth: 2444

Price: Lurking in the shadows

If you weren’t already excited enough that a Venom movie is actually happening, you’re about to get more excited when you see these unreal prints by artist Francesco Mattina. You can almost feel the breath of Venom on the back of your neck, and his claws sinking into your flesh.


Funko Hikari Night King Rare Steel Version

Booth: 2741

Price: $69.99

If there was ever a Night King possibly even more badass than the actual Game of Thrones Night King, this is it. Since this iteration is limited to only 500, the entire Army of the Dead is going to be grabbing for him. I highly suggest getting your claws on him before you end up hunting him down in the frozen wastes of eBay, and possibly turning into an ice zombie.


Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard with free enamel Enterprise Pin

Booth: 2142

Price: $25

So maybe you can get Captain Picard’s personally narrated life story anywhere else, but you won’t get it with an exclusive enamel Enterprise pin anywhere but NYCC. Diehard fans of Star Trek: the Next Generation (raises hand) can’t possibly live without this. Captain’s orders: Make for the Titan Entertainment booth, warp 9, and beam one onto your ship. Make it so.


40th anniversary Darth Vader helmet

Booth: 436

Price: Not yet unmasked

No matter how many Darth Vader helmets tell you they’re your father, it'll always be terrifying. And this one is even more intimidating, as it’s a shiny 40th Anniversary edition. You’d better fly your spacecraft over there at light speed, because it will never be made again after the Death Star blows up.


Bandai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon

Booth: 1612

Price: Far, far away

So you have every single Millennium Falcon that’s been released since A New Hope. Now you need one more. Because this, you see, is not just any old thing that Lando has parked outside, but a Perfect Grade Milennium Falcon. This is what Han would have cheated at sabacc for all over again.


Batman 51 Metal Print

Booth: S1

Price: In the darkness

I know, there have been mixed sentiments about the Metal series and the whole Batmanium thing, but I think it’s awesome, and a legion of fans apparently agrees with me. That, or else this bestselling Greg Capullo print of the Caped Crusader, now gone metal in 50 copies reveamped exclusively for New York Comic Con, would never exist. You might need Batmanium to grab one.


2017 Game of Thrones TITANS 3” Night King and White Walker Twin Pack

Booth: 2142

Price: Beyond the Wall

These things are so horribly cute it’s almost high treason. There is no way in the Seven Kingdoms that beings this evil can also be this insanely adorable, but somehow the fearsome Night King and one of his White Walkers were morphed into just that by Titan Entertainment. Please say you’re seriously considering an ice dragon for next year’s exclusives.


Funko Pop Alien: Covenant Neomorph with Toddler

Booth: 2741

Price: $14.99

The endoparasitoid extraterrestrials are breeding, and they’re coming for you. This eerily cute terror from space is so detailed it looks as if it could unfreeze and just lash out at you whenever. The detail is just scary—check out those teeth, even on the mini-morph. These are ridiculously hard to find, and really limited, so if you miss it, no one will hear you scream.


American Gods #1 Convention Exclusive Variant by Skottie Young

Booth: 1636

Price: $10

Just in case you haven’t yet joined the cult of American Gods by now, it doesn’t get much more morbidly hilarious than hard-drinking, gold-gambling leprechaun Mad Sweeney guarding his many pots ‘o gold. You can’t help but notice the trucker hat with the shamrock and, of course, the missing teeth and black eye from last night’s barfight.


FYE exclusive Pennywise Pop! Vinyl

Booth: 556

Price: Still in the sewer

Even if you already have the other Pennywise Funko Pops in your subterranean stash, you need this one that I lunatic-raved about a while ago, because it has teeth. When you’re collecting every version of a demon clown, you really need a version baring its fangs. Here you see Pennywise in no-holds-barred evil mode, and that’s not just greasepaint splattering his face, either.


Ghostbusters “Karate Puft” figure exclusive NYCC Variant designed by Loot Crate

Booth: 536

Price: Ghosted for now

Because Gozer really needs to pump up those karate skills before facing off against the Ghostbusters (yes, they’re serious) again. For some reason, he’s glittery and silver, which makes him even more awesome. Bonus points for the not-so-subtle reference to the movie that karate-chopped its way into theaters just one week after Ghostbusters. Mr. Miyagi not included.


Special Edition Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View Book

Booth: 2104

Price: $40

Yes, you can find this book on pretty much any planet now. But, you can’t get the special 40th anniversary edition anywhere but the Con, and it comes with a few extra(terrestrial) features that you won’t want to leave behind in space, like 40th anniversary case stamp, printed end papers, and a textless cover with breathtaking silhouette art of a two-moon sunset on Tatooine with X-wings whizzing by.


Funko Universe IDW Convention Ghostbusters, X-Files, and Star Trek Plastic Empire Exclusive Editions

Booth: 1779

Price: $10 ($25 for all 3)

So it’s become more than obvious by now that Funko is ubiquitous at cons, but the company known for making those addictive Pop vinyls that you can’t stop collecting at just one (or ten) has now put their freakishly adorable faces on these exclusive comics. You’ll want these one-offs even if you think you’ve read every Ghostbusters, X-Files, and Star Trek comic in existence—resistance is futile.


Stranger Things SuperEmoScenes NYCC Variant

Booth: 536

Price: Stuck in the Upside-Down

While you’re impatiently waiting to marathon Stranger Things 2 when it drops into the Upside-Down right before Halloween, stay in this universe and head over to the Loot Crate booth for SuperEmoFriends artist J. Salvador’s killer kawaii take on Eleven’s encounter with the Demogorgon in that explosive Season 1 finale, which was pure nightmare fuel (in the best possible way). Not for mouth breathers.

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