15 fishy tax deductions sure to get your favorite sci-fi icons audited

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

As with Al Capone, the biggest enemy of villains is often the tax collector. The same applies to the sci-fi universe. Sure, Emperor Palpatine can hide the functional defense systems of Death Star II from some rebels, but try telling the IRS why $60 trillion of his defense budget is mysteriously unaccounted for. He can't choke his way out of that one. They'll slice his bank account's belly open and nest inside it until they're nice and warm.

In light of that, the IRS is quick to spot any fishy information on the tax forms of sci-fi's elite. Since today is Tax Day in the U.S., here are some past deductions from sci-fi's greatest that have raised "red flags" and wicked smiles on the faces of auditors.

Dr. Frankenstein

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Claimed small business loss: Product escaped.

Captain Kirk

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Under "business travel," claimed 65 zillion miles of vehicle wear.

Fox Mulder

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Marked 144 cheesy "aliens exist" posters for office walls as a "business expense."

Doc Brown

Tax Deduction Red Flag: 1985 tax return deducted charitable donations from 1885.

Marvin, the Paranoid Android

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Under "business deductions" he wrote, "To understand the exact relation between my job and the items deducted would take a man with 100 times your brain power 7 million years to comprehend. Now, if it's no trouble, I need to go back to scrubbing toilets."

Emperor Palpatine

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Claimed business expense for eye replacement surgery to fix job-conflicting and potentially fictional "baboon eye syndrome."

John Hammond (Jurassic Park)

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Claimed trillion-dollar deduction for owning a "farm."

The Invisible Man

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Under "business expenses," itemized "Febreeze for sweaty crotch bandages to prevent co-workers from gagging from smell."

Dr. Moreau

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Under "employee salaries" he wrote "hay."


Tax Deduction Red Flag: Deducted the cost of clothing under "moving expenses."

The Six Million Dollar Man

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Deducted mileage on his legs under "automobile expenses."

Sarah Connor

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Claimed large casualty losses from "evil future robots." Also, birthdate of dependent is listed as 30 years earlier than birthdate of partner.

The Greatest American Hero

Tax Deduction Red Flag: Deducted job-related medical expenses caused by "flying into a building."


Tax Deduction Red Flag: Included a $5 billion deduction for "messed up spaceship" under "business travel expenses." Also, deducted business meals conducted at the pound.


Tax Deduction Red Flag: Claimed rustproofing and Turtle Wax as "medical expenses" due to metal exoskeleton.

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