15 freakiest Halloween items you can buy from the craft site Etsy

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Etsy's the Internet's top site for homemade crafts, and you can find some astonishing things there. Exquisite chocolate fudge. Origami made from gorgeous paper. Awesome T-shirts in all sizes. And as you might expect when it comes to Halloween and all things eerie, these crafters go all out.

For the 12th in our series of 31 posts for the 31 days of Halloween, we scoured Etsy for cute, creepy, hair-raising or just plain grotesque items to display for Halloween. Scatter them around your soon-to-be-haunted home or take some of them with you to be the life (or the undead life) of the party.

Those who want a true Gothic experience can find vintage items on Etsy, too. But if you read a lot of horror, you'd know that previously owned items have a greater chance of being haunted.

Better hurry, or some enthusiastic Halloween party hound will beat you to these items, some of which are unique.

[Note that the last few items may be stomach-turning for some. We're starting out with the cute ones first.]

Eyeball cookies. When yummy brains aren’t available.
Animatronic haunted house door. See the freakin’ astonishing video that comes with it.
Three luminaries. To provide eerie lighting.
Party tray. The party tray is okay…but the organs are better. Not included, but make the seller an offer.
Pumpkin-scented witch soap. So you can smell great on that broomstick.
Reborn doll. More like “undead” doll.
Decapitated ballerina. Staying en pointe is murder.
Paper mache devil mask. Handmade in Venice.
Bram Stoker bracelet. For inspirational reading.
Anatomical necklace. So when your lover offers you his/her heart, you know where to go.
Zombie stitch necklace. You’ll look good…but you’ll never look as good as the fabulous Elsa Lanchester, a.k.a. the Bride of Frankenstein.
Vampire bite necklace. Good news: this ‘blood’ won’t stain your clothes.
Zombie garden gnome. Your plants will want to toss Peashooters at ‘em.
Fetal skeleton under glass. Not a real fetal skeleton, but based on one.
Exposed brains headband. Awesomeawesomeawesome.
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