15 movie and TV trailers from Comic-Con

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

One of the best reasons to head to Comic-Con is to see the premieres of movie and TV trailers brought by the studios to start building buzz. But even if you didn't make it to San Diego this year, there's no reason you shouldn't get to see the eye candy—which is why we've collected 15 awesome clips so you can enjoy Comic-Con in the comfort of your own home!

Check them out below!

Tron: Legacy

To pull off its 3-D effects, Tron: Legacy used improved versions of the cameras used to shoot Avatar. And based on the cheers coming from Hall H, the audience ate it up. (Unfortunately, you're going to have to settle for 2-D here.)

Pirates of the Carribean

Rather than any actual Pirates of the Carribean 4 action, we instead got to see Johnny Depp tell us what's in store. (No one seemed to mind.) Which includes—zombies!

Sucker Punch

Zack Snyder's dizzying, dreamlike trailer fulfilled the promises we were given by 300 and Watchmen. Thanks to its alternate-reality plotline, we got to see sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk and more.

The Walking Dead

Since AMC hasn't yet released the official trailer of Frank Darabont's adaptation of the comic-book series The Walking Dead, we only get to share it thanks to a fan in the room who captured the clip. Though the video isn't pristine, getting to hear how the fans reacted in San Diego is a plus.


In the first of two clips that debuted at Comic-Con under the title Red, Bruce Willis stars as a retired assassin who discovers that it's not as easy to stay retired as he thought. Red's based on a DC Comics series created by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner.

Saw 3-D

You're either going to love this or hate this. If the first films in the Saw franchise were too gross for you, you'll want to stay away from this 3-D installment. But if you loved following the machinations of the killer called Jigsaw, you'll want to catch this one, if only for the knives that will surely come hurtling at your face.


Danny Trejo helped promote Machete by serving tacos to the Comic-Con crowd, but after seeing this NSFW trailer, you'll probably agree that word of mouth is all the promotion this film will need!


Been waiting to see Tom Welling climb into that Superman suit? This teaser for the final season of Smallville shows that we'll finally get our wish.

True Blood

If any of us thought that things would go more smoothly for Sookie and friends during the second half of True Blood's latest season, this teaser trailer proves us wrong.


Villains always seem to have plans for taking over the world but no plans at all for what to do once they've taken over. The studio that gave us Shrek shows us what happens when one finally does.

The Goon

The Goon, featuring the voices of Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti, has yet to find a studio, so this is all you'll be able to see of it for a while—but based on the Comic-Con buzz, that shouldn't be a problem for long.

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

Syfy premiered its Sharktopus trailer before San Diego but saved this clip of Mega Python vs. Gatoroid for Comic-Con itself, where the audience seemed to get off on the pie fight. That's right—pie fight.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Second only to Tron: Legacy, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World seemed to get most of the geek love in San Diego. But will that translate into box office? We think this quirky film will do just fine.


Now, don't get confused, because THIS Red stars Felicia Day, not Bruce Willis. Day herself introduced the clip of this Syfy original movie to the Comic-Con crowd in San Diego, where they all wanted to date her avatar.

Battle: Los Angeles

Bizarrely, the studio released only FOUR SECONDS of this clip after Comic-Con ended. We're not sure what that's about, but we figured some Battle: Los Angeles was better than NO Battle: Los Angeles.