15 totally awesome (and spoilery) Doctor Who Xmas set pics

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Dec 15, 2012

Christmas is coming early again for us Doctor Who fans as a bunch of awesome filming pics—along with a video—from the set of the Xmas special in Cardiff are out, and let us say that it looks like this one may even be crazier than last year's yuletide special with the flying shark. [Spoilers ahead]

This is what our friends over at Doctor Who TV reported:

The scene they were shooting on Monday involved Matt Smith and guest star Claire Skinner. The pair get into a classic car and drive down to the front of a mansion where the TARDIS is seemingly located, Now here's the interesting bit—The Doctor is in the passenger seat wearing some sort of space suit, with the helmet on backwards ...

Helmet on backward. Isn't that just typical of Matt Smith's Doctor, or is there a more profound and meaningful reason for him to do that? Probably not—but it'll be exciting to see what actually happens for the Doctor to ''walk'' around with his helmet on backward.

Also, in the scene they were filming, the Doctor tries to get into his TARDIS only to realize that it's just a regular, good old police box, and says it's the wrong one.

But enough talking from us. Go on ahead and enjoy the complete Doctor Who goodness that's waiting for you while we sit here and ponder why on earth our favorite Time Lord is wearing another ''spacey'' space suit again.

And what's up with the sheep?

(via Doctor Who TV, SFX, and PluzMedia)