16 of the coolest, and weirdest, Ghostbusters merch items you can buy

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Jul 14, 2016, 4:35 PM EDT

As the latest film in the Ghostbusters franchise hits theaters this weekend, waves of nostalgia are hitting the masses. And even though the new reboot features an all-new cast, there is still plenty of Ghostbusters sentimentality to go around. So to get you in the ghostbusting mood, we've ranked some of the coolest and weirdest Ghostbusters merchandise from 1984 to now. Whether you're psyched to go grab a PKE Meter or just gotta get your hands on a Ghostbusters Mr. Potato Heads, there's plenty of gear to excite any fan. From "must haves" to "WTFs", take a gander at these gadgets and stock up for your next ghost bust.


16. Fearsome Flush Action Figure


If you're into toys that are both terrifying and unexplainable, make sure you pick up this Ghostbusters Fearsome Flush toilet action figure. Just lift up the toilet seat and beware of the giant tongue that pops out. Although it's labeled for ages 4 and up, children are almost sure to be frightened of toilets after playing with this "toy."


15. Real Playhouse replica of the Ghostbusters Firehouse


In case you were in the market for a firehouse of your very own, have a custom-built child-size playhouse delivered to your home. Have it installed in your back or front yard, or be part of the tiny house trend with the most unique adobe on the block.



14. Ghostbusters Ceiling Fan


You'll have to scour the internet for this one but if you can grab this fan on Ebay, it's the ultimate must for any Ghostbusters-themed room. This official Ghostbusters ceiling fan features a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Ghostbusters logo on the fan blades because that's what you want to see above you when you're laying in bed at night.



13. Ghostbusters Nesting Dolls


If you've been on a lifelong search for Ghostbusters nesting dolls, look no further. Each one stacks within the other so freak out your guests as they pull all four ghostbusters and a Slimer from inside of a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Now that's a magic trick.


12. Ghostbuster-Shaped Pasta


Okay, so you can't buy it anymore, but this Ghostbusters-shaped pasta commercial is sure to give you all of the nostalgia feels of your childhood. Who doesn't want to eat ghosts for dinner? Better go check the cupboard for ghosts just to be safe.


11. Mattel PKE Meter


If you have a meager $500+ to drop on this prop replica PKE meter, you shouldn't have any problems rounding up ghosts in your neighborhood. You might not even need to call the Ghostbusters if you've got one of these. Happy hunting!


10. The Real Ghostbusters Coloring Book



Adult coloring books are all the rage in 2016. But in 1990, this Ghostbusters coloring book was released and likely marketed for children. You might want to think twice before actually coloring in this vintage book though.



9. Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse


If you're up for a challenge, pick up this Lego Ghostbusters firehouse and start building. With "an alarm bell, fire extinguisher, computer, phone, toolbox, tools, jars of slimes, magnifying glass", plus two ghosts and a Slimer all included in the set, this Lego version of the firehouse might be the closest you'll get to the real thing. Well, if you didn't buy that custom-built playhouse for your backyard.

8. Ghostbusters Mr. Potato Head


This collectible Ghostbusters version of the classic Mr. Potato Head is primed for hunting ghosts--or happily sitting on the shelf. With a Proton Pack and an award-winning smile, this just might be the perfect gift for Ghostbusters fans of all ages in your life.




7. Ghostbusters Pinball Machine


Pinball just got gross with a new Ghostbusters pinball machine from Stern Pinball. With a Slimer "interactive ghost hologram" target with animations, “para-normal” magnetic action slingshots and distinctive ramp architecture", you can improve your ghostbusting skills while playing pinball. Think you can fit one of these in your custom-built firehouse?


6. Ghostbusters Plush Set



How cute are these plushies? A little creepy, yes. But, what's better than squeezing the life out of terrifying beings masquerading as adorable plush toys? Stay Puft and Slimer might be just what you need to remind you of your childhood while you check out the new Ghostbusters. Hold them tight if you get scared.



5. Ghostbusters Slimer Retro Style Metal Lunch Box



Take your lunch to work in one of these stylish retro Ghostbusters lunch boxes covered in slime and you're sure to keep Bill from accounting from stealing your sandwich. Plus the included thermos will keep your coffee warm while scaring away office intruders. Bring the nostalgia of your childhood to work with you.


4. Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack



Be the coolest kid in school with this Proton Pack backpack. Without having to maintain an actual Proton Pack, this is the next best thing. It certainly looks authentic. Plus, you have the added bonus of it actually being able to carry your belongings in. Now you just need to work on your Ghostbusters pose.


3. 2016 Ghostbusters Pop! Funkos


Ready to build upon your OG Ghostbusters collection? Try collecting all of the new Ghostbusters Pop! Funkos. There's one for each ghostbuster and Kevin the secretary. Plus, a new Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer. These will surely liven up any empty shelves. 


2. Ghostbusters Executioner Stantz Full Costume T-shirt


If you're a fan of ultra casual cosplay or just very simple Halloween costumes, make sure to pick up this t-shirt masquerading as a full Ghostbusters costume. This is the perfect outfit to throw on and show your love of Ghostbusters without having to do all of the extra work of lugging around an actual Proton Pack and ghostbusting gear. 


1. The Ultimate Visual History


For any fans feeling particularly nostalgic, pick up this coffee table book to relive the history of the Ghostbusters franchise on the daily. From behind-the-scenes photos to concept art sketches, this book will be a hit when you have all of your ghostbusting friends over for dinner parties. Plus, it even comes with Peter Venkman’s business card.

Since the announcement of the upcoming Ghostbusters film, there have been mixed reactions. But we can all appreciate the many opportunities to display Ghostbusters love through merchandise spanning multiple decades. The amount of merchandise surrounding the franchise demonstrates the cultural impact of Ghostbusters and it's legacy.


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