16 quirky sci-fi flicks Guardians of the Galaxy fans should watch next

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:21 AM EDT (Updated)

If Rotten Tomatoes and the Internet are any indication (which they are) pretty much everyone has a case Guardians of The Galaxy fever, and there’s no foreseeable cure. Marvel pulled off a Star Wars-level victory, here, turning Star-Lord into this generation's Han Solo, Rocket Racoon its degenerate reincarnation of C-3PO, Gamora its bad-ass leading lady a la Leia, and Groot, the lovable perennial that's wrapped audiences around his little twig fingers, equal parts its Chewbecca and R2-D2.

The Blastr crew is just as caught up in the throes of GOTG super-fandom- most of us have already logged in multiple viewings. But aside from binging on the comics and watching the film until you have every line committed to memory, how does one pass the time until 2017,when the Guardians sequel? Because we're helpful like that, we pulled together an out-of-this-world list of off-kilter space movies we think GOTG fans would enjoy to help tide you over until the next adventure with Marvel's intergalactic a-holes.

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