16 tech inventions that went amok in science fiction

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May 20, 2013, 11:11 AM EDT

You might build it with the best of intentions, but that doesn't mean it won't destroy the world.

Science fiction is full of amazing technological ideas. Some of those ideas allow us to travel between planets, to heal wounds with dramatic speed and even to travel through time. But then there are those other ideas, the ones that end in mangled body parts, severely damaged planets and very, very high body counts.

For every good idea in sci-fi, there's a bad one that leads to horrific technological misadventures. And in our ongoing series of features inspired by Syfy's Defiance -- which takes place in a world that's fallen victim to a horrible terraforming accident, just one example of that phenomenon -- we take a look at 16 examples of when cool sci-fi tech went horribly wrong.