17 great quotes from Roger Ebert reviews of classic sci-fi movies

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Jun 25, 2015

As the legendary film critic celebrates his 70th birthday today, we're going to celebrate the intelligence and depth with which he wrote about some of film's most enduring works of fantastic cinema.

Ebert has been a professional film critic for 45 years and, in that time, watched as the public opinion of the critic has waxed and waned, going from valuable in the '70s and '80s, to essential during the '90s rise of independent cinema and, finally, to ordinary in the '10s as everyone with an opinion and a WiFi connection can put his thoughts out there.

But through it all, Ebert has endured, crafting his critiques with care, skill and, when the film demanded it, delicious venom. Here are some of his takes of a few of genre's most popular films—and if you want to comb through his vast archives for yourselves, go to town.

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