17 thoughts we had while watching Vampire in Brooklyn

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Nov 4, 2018, 6:08 PM EST (Updated)

What happens when Eddie Murphy and Angela Bassett star in a Wes Craven film? You get a spooky comedy that may be as bad as Eddie Murphy's wig, but like that wig, it has some redeeming qualities that make it a spooky-time favorite. In our latest Deja View, here are 17 thoughts we had on what makes Vampire in Brooklyn a film you should add to your Halloween watchlist this year and in years to come.

1. John Witherspoon and Kadeem Hardison have great comedic chemistry.

2. Hardison’s Julius was destined for life as a ghoul. He got kicked out for snoring during sex, which sounds like he was damn near dead anyway. If you’re snoring during sex, becoming a ghoul seems like a step up.

3. Everything is made better with Angela Bassett.


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4. Witherspoon is funny as f*ck. A wolf to the 25th power is such a Black response. It’s right up there with referring to a big wolf as a whole wolf. Not some of a wolf but a whole entire wolf gets you a wolf to the 25th power.

5. The wig Murphy’s character is sporting is a wet and wavy mess. Maximilian could have been a model for Soul Glo. It would be surprising if the pillow in his coffin didn’t have a stain from hair product.


6. Infusing Caribbean culture into the traditional vampire lore was an excellent choice for obvious reasons. It’s Vampire in Brooklyn, not Vampire in Sleepy Maine Town. Caribbean vampires present the film with an opportunity to juxtapose Black American Christian beliefs against other Black spiritual belief/practices.

7. Ghouls make horrible wingmen.


8. Vampire church seems lit. Maximilian transforms into a preacher and gives a sermon about evil being good, which somehow ends with “Getchu a piece of evil ass.”

9. Ghouls really do need health insurance. 

9. HGTV vampire spells. Again, a character played by Eddie Murphy is staying in a trash apartment (see also: Coming to America). Maximilian cast all the spells he knows to make it look like an apartment that would be featured and still passed on in an episode of House Hunters by a couple with a $2.5 million budget and fairy tale jobs.

10. Biting orgasm.

11. It’s a shame Bassett doesn’t get a chance to go full vampire, taking her fill of fellow detective Justice after having her way with him.

12. Maxmillian is a vampire who READS. As Rita is doing her best to fight off who she really is, Maximilian tells her, “Go back to your little shoe-box apartment filled with those empty dreams. Go back to church and don't forget the collection; the preacher's whiskey is running low. Go back to your job! Where they laugh and call you crazy! Or you face the truth — that you have no place left to go but to me.”

13. Damn it, Rita, just embrace the immortality and feed!

14. Justice risked his life in hopes of being free of the friend zone.

15. Rita picking up her necklace after she and Justice defeat Maximilian was quite literally Jesus over immortality. No vampire Bassett.

16. From ghoul to THE vampire in Brooklyn, the come-up of the century goes to Julius.


17. A Vampire in Brooklyn 2 would have been a direct-to-VHS movie I would have rented no less than 10 times.

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