17 Walking Dead pics reveal what prison life'll be like in S4

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Sep 26, 2013

The survivors are flourishing at the prison. Since Rick welcomed Woodbury's leftovers, it's become a midsize community. To illustrate that point, AMC's released 17 photos from The Walking Dead's premiere, "30 Days Without an Accident." The episode features the group clinging to an ideal life, while trying to hold on to their humanity.

But in true Walking Dead fashion, there will be trouble in paradise. The zombie population is growing and getting stronger. The prison still has multiple weak points that haven't been secured. Yet they're trying to live as normally as possible. In one photo Rick and Hershel are outside in a garden — yeah, they grow food now.

Check out the new and improved prison below.

The Walking Dead returns Oct. 13 on AMC.

(via ScreenCrush)

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