16 pics from Doctor Who's Xmas Carol: Smith! Gambon! And a shark?

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Dec 14, 2012

We're now 18 days away until Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol airs (yep, we're still counting), and we've come across a massive photo shoot for the upcoming special starring Matt Smith in his Doctor attire, along with special guest stars Michael Gambon, Katherine Jenkins and a shark ... which we hope the Time Lord has no intention of jumping!

The Radio Times Doctor Who photo shoot doesn't reveal anything at all plot-wise, except perhaps that Katherine Jenkins' character is called Abigail. Oh, and there's that shark in there (cue Jaws theme music), which we're definitely curious about. Plus, the Doctor has replaced the lovely red fez he sported in the series-five finale for a Christmas hat. (Christmas hats are cool.)

These will certainly give us something to look at while we wait until Christmas day, right? So enjoy the pics—and start speculating about that shark!

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