18 horrifying Halloween items you can buy NOW from the craft site Etsy

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You can get Halloween decorations just about anywhere this time of year, but why not do a little extra looking and set yourself apart?

Sure, you could head to your local grocery store and get a couple of pumpkins to carve, or  to the local superstore to find a few foam tombstones or spooky lights, but what if you want a little more? What if you want to turn Halloween up a notch with the help of some handmade horrors? Thankfully, the booming online marketplace known as Etsy is here to answer the call, and its crafters are always cooking up spooky new delights for the Halloween consumer. 

To help out those discerning Halloween shoppers (and the crafters who serve them), we combed Etsy for the scariest Halloween objects we could find (nothing over $250, though, because we don't want the process of decorating your house to lead to you losing your house) and gathered them here for the third in our series of features to celebrate the 31 Days of Halloween.

Check out our favorites below, including everything from fairy mummies to zombies to the perfect Halloween buffet centerpiece. 

Lifesize zombieSet this gentleman up right next to your favorite candy bowl on the porch, and see if you have more chocolately leftovers than usual. 

Mummified head: Because every Halloween party snack table needs a truly appetizing centerpiece, right?

Toddler vampireHalloween is really all about the kids, guys, so it's only right to have a decoration that they can ... you know ... relate to. 

Vampire Hunter KitIf you've watched as much Joss Whedon-created TV as we have, you already know why it's a good idea to keep this around. 

Made to order haunted dollhouseIndulge your own personal God Complex by arranging as many hauntings and murders in this thing as you want, then set it up right next to the buffet. 

Animated baby zombieIt really moves! And you know what that means ... It means you can keep this thing on hand all year long to get your in-laws to stop asking you when you're having kids. 

Snape's potion cabinetOK, so this is both Harry Potter-centric and Halloweeny, but it's sufficiently spooky to do both, and you can keep it on display all the time to show what a superfan you really are.

Preserved FaeryTell all the kids that visit your house this year that fairies do exist, and you've got proof. See how many angry calls from parents of sleepless children you get the next day. 

Three Skull Serving DishThis is great for Halloween snacks, or just for whenever you want someone to eat less of something. 

Werewolf kill bodyKeep this gory guy all together, or strew his parts all across the lawn. Either way, you ensure that your house is ... memorable.

Three-faced popcorn clownPerfect for your personal scary movie film festival. The obvious accompaniments to this decoration are Killer Klowns from Outer Space and IT, but feel free to get creative. 

Cthulhu sculptureNo Halloween is ever really complete without a tribute to the legendary Lovecraftian deity, so pick this up and get to worshipping. 

The PointerThe key to any great decoration is versatility, and this guy absolutely has it. Use him to point guests to the bathroom, point kids to the candy, or point innocent bystands to their doom ... your choice. 

Wall hanging Ouija boardThis is the perfect thing to let your guests know that you're in touch with your spiritual side. 

Gray's Anatomy bookYes, it's a real, usable copy of the famous anatomical text, but your friends might just think it's the Book of the Dead. 

Jersey Devil signThis is the perfect thing to advertise the museum of wonders you have in your house this Halloween. Of course, you better be prepared to deliver the goods, or you might get plenty of tricks sent your way. 

Skull & Skin scarecrowThis little guy might not be the showiest of horrors, but hang him right below your doorbell and you can be sure no one will ever forget seeing him. 

Wall-bursting zombieThe beauty of this decoration is that you can put him basically anywhere there's a wall. Our recommendation? The bathroom. Your guests will love it. 

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