18 incredible creations from Maker Faire Bay Area

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:23 AM EDT (Updated)

Maker Faire Bay Area engulfed the San Mateo Event Center last weekend like the Amazon rainforest once swallowed civilizations.  Yes, the world-famous DIY festival is a lot of things to a lot of people, but most of all this year it was a jungle - a jungle of things made by people.  

Exotic, constructed animals - such as the electric giraffe, the remote-controlled gorilla and the 3D-printed parrot - roamed free, while safety netting snared  errant quadcopters like horseflies in a spider's web.  Cavernous halls were illuminated by glowing, inflatable forests, interrupted only by storms of Tesla coil arclight. In this wilderness, the skeletons could dance and the garden gnomes packed bazookas.

According to organizers, Make magazine's 9th annual Bay Area event drew more than 120,000 tinkerers, technologists and other crafty humans - no headcount was available for mechanical fauna.  

Here are 18 snapshots from our safari into amazing world that the Maker movement built.  

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