29 officially licensed business cards for classic sci-fi characters

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Jon Cohen
Dec 14, 2012

Before the Internet existed there were a lot of really weird pieces of sci-fi merchandise you could buy (okay, now that the Internet exists there are a lot too, but still). Ranking reasonably high on the weird-o-meter are these officially licensed business cards for people like James T. Kirk, Han Solo, the Cylon Centurion and Spock (apparently his unpronounceable second name is also unprintable as well).

Yes, you could buy fake business cards for fake characters, many of whom would never have had business cards even if they were real. It turns out some of our favorite sci-fi characters had some interesting sidelines. 123Print dug up these treasures, which reveal interesting details like the fact that Starbuck (the original) was a "Cylon Eliminator" and Cassipeia was a "Socialator" and "Rocket Tube Companion."

We're pretty sure that's not canon, but it is awesome. Here's a gallery:

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