1982 Blade Runner convention reel surfaces!

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Dec 17, 2012

Back in the days before events like Comic-Con became huge corporate affairs with show-stopping presentations and star power delivered by the major studios and TV networks, movies were promoted at sci-fi and comic book conventions in a much more quaint way.

Nowadays when you go to high-profile events like Comic-Con or WonderCon, a studio is likely to roll out expertly edited, exclusive new trailers or montages of scenes from their big genre releases, as well as panels full of A-list cast members, directors and producers. If you caught the latest Warner Bros. presentation this past July in San Diego, for instance, it even featured giant walls of additional video screens unfolding around the audience.

But back in 1982, they didn't do that sort of thing. No, instead you got something like this 13-minute featurette about the making of Blade Runner, which has surfaced some 30 years after it first made its way around the convention circuit.

The rather crude (by today's standards) video, shot on 16mm, features interviews with director Ridley Scott, visual effects chief Douglas Trumbull and production designer Syd Mead, which instantly makes it a must-watch even if it didn't include a wealth of behind-the-scenes footage as well (and a rather odd and funky musical score).

It's a fascinating artifact of both Blade Runner and movie marketing of that era, and while it might not keep audiences in a huge convention hall interested these days, it's a hell of a lot of fun to watch on your computer screen.

(via I Watch Stuff)