19 retro cosplay pics reveal how awesome we used to be in the '80s

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Dec 16, 2012

Think your fuzzy Bantha getup or Elder Scrolls robe from last summer's Comic-Con was all the hype? You ain't got nothing on this nerdy crew of weekend sci-fi warriors proudly posing at 1980s' Westercon at the Hyatt International Hotel in Los Angeles.

This array of old fantasy convention photos was posted by the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society, considered the world's oldest science fiction club. The West Coast Science Fantasy Convention (Westercon) began back in 1948 and changed venues each year.

These low-tech Kodak images betray the age of the shots despite the same passion and fun style infused in costumes seen in 21st-century San Diego. Not much has changed in geek-dom since the Reagan era. These adoring fans seem into the infectious spirit of the event (or just liquored up on Romulan ale), with some incredible homemade outfits from sci-fi movies, comics and the netherworlds of fantasy literature.

Some costumes, like the dead-on Ripley from Alien and Princess Leia with Yoda are instantly recognizable. Many can't quite be ID'd, though the dude with the furry pink poncho and rubber alien head seems destined for future fame.

Scroll though this awesome time capsule and cruise back to a more innocent time. Dip in the pool with a mermaid, anyone?

(Los Angeles Science Fiction Society via The Mary Sue)