1st awesome, animated look at Community's upcoming G.I. Joe episode

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:25 AM EDT (Updated)

Though The Big Bang Theory gets a lot of the mainstream glory, NBC’s critical hit Community is the real geek sitcom. Their next target? G.I. Joe.

From 8-bit videogame episodes to claymation specials, Dan Harmon’s irreverent sitcom has never been one to follow the beaten path. So, not surprisingly, the writers are gearing up for their next big, extremely weird event: an animated episode in the '80s animated style of G.I. Joe

Dubbed “G.I. Jeff,” the episode will be framed around the typical tropes and beats of a classic G.I. Joe episode, but with some nice Community twists thrown in. Executive producer Chris McKenna says it’ll be “a loving homage to the G.I. Joe series” while also serving as a “significant” episode storywise for the series. In a brief interview with Entertainment Weekly, McKenna broke down the set up:

“[G.I. Joe] was something from our childhood that was very important to us and we had fond memories of it, and we thought it would be a cool way to do another animated episode. Like all Community episodes, it takes on a certain style. This one has a very specific story reason for it. I don’t want to give too much away, but our characters find themselves on a Wizard of Oz-type journey through the world of G.I. Joe. … There’s a mystery that Jeff in particular has to get to the bottom of.”

The first pics from the episode look as awesome as you’d expect, with Jeff (Joel McHale) as Wingman (complete with his own winged backpack), Annie (Alison Brie) as Tight Ship, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) as Buzzkill and Shirley as Three Kids. As part of a running gag, fans of #AnniesBoobs should be pleased with the animated version of Brie.

The episode is set to air April 3, and we’re so glad the series has survived long enough to make this insane pitch a reality. Six seasons and a movie, guys, we’re almost there.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)