1st Breaking Dawn trailer shows why you shouldn't sleep with a vamp

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Dec 15, 2012

The first full-length trailer of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, part one has been released, and as with all other Twilight movies, Cullen is sullen and Swan is wan. But this time we actually see our heroes finally resolve their endless romantic tension.

Breaking Dawn gives Twihards the wedding of their dreams: the gorgeous, ethereal setting, Bella's dad walking her down the aisle and of course the vows that include the lines "For as long as we both shall live."

But as the romantic longing is satisfied, the problems are just beginning. As we know from the books and the teaser trailer, Bella becomes pregnant. And the werewolves aren't happy about it. Neither is Jacob.

For the fans of the Edward-Bella-Jacob romance triangle, Breaking Dawn finally sees Edward as the victor. Except for one tiny problem ...

At one point, Edward yells at Bella, "You've given me no choice!"

Wait a minute ... did Edward just blame Bella for their pregnancy? Oh no, he di'nt!

(via LATimes)

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