In 1st Colony trailer, Josh Holloway has to make a painful choice

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Jul 14, 2015, 12:58 PM EDT

What if the world were taken over by evil and powerful invaders who demand absolute loyalty? That’s the premise of Vichy, France,  in 1940, I mean, Colony, the upcoming USA TV show. We have a clip for you, below.

If I mistake the unknown enemies for the Third Reich, there may be reason for it: According to Nerd Reactor, producer Carlton Cuse and writer Ryan Condal specifically compared the world of Colony to the invasion of France by the Nazis. As Nerd Reactor relates, “[O]ur invaders didn’t come in just to destroy our territory; they came with the purpose of utilizing our resources for themselves for whatever they have been planning.”

But we never learn who “they” are. Producer Carlton Cuse (Lost) and writer Ryan Condal are keeping details about Colony deliberately vague, because they want “the audience to learn at the same pace as the characters.” 

These characters include Josh Holloway (Sawyer, Lost) a man who was separated from his young son during “the arrival,” and Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori, The Walking Dead), his wife. 

And yes, they—and we—will eventually learn who the invaders are. Chances are, we’re all going to learn the hard way.

Via NerdReactor.