1st footage + pics from upcoming Supernatural spin-off Bloodlines

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Apr 23, 2014, 11:55 AM EDT

The first footage and pics from the upcoming Supernatural spin-off, Bloodlines, have finally arrived, and it looks like an intriguing set up for a new series. Want to see?

Though the backdoor pilot is framed around a typical Supernatural episode, it definitely has a very different vibe than what fans might expect from the mothership series. Where Supernatural always has that middle America style, Bloodlines takes a much more big city approach to the monster hunting antics.

Honestly, it comes off as a little jarring, almost like they’re aiming for a more hip version of Supernatural meets Vampire Diaries. Which, this being The CW, that’s probably exactly what they’re doing. But, we’ll go with Dean’s description for now: “Godfather with fangs.”

Check out the first teaser trailer for the episode below:

The backdoor pilot airs next Tuesday, and will introduce viewers to the five monster families that run Chicago. The series will feature a Romeo and Juliet-style love story in the midst of the monster drama, and (of course) be populated with a gaggle of impossibly good-looking 20-somethings.

The project has yet to receive a series order from the network, and we’d think public reception to this backdoor pilot will go a long way toward making that decision. Do you think it can work?

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