1st footage from those cancelled, unreleased Clone Wars episodes

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May 2, 2013

The beloved CGI series Star Wars: Clone Wars might’ve gotten the ax during Disney’s buyout of Lucasfilm, but there’s still a silver lining — there’s reportedly a near-season’s worth of content already produced and just waiting to find a way into the wild. Now we have our first look at those precious few remaining episodes.

IGN has a 2-plus-minute clip that follows Jedi Master Plo Koonand and a team of Clone Troopers as they investigate a pretty rough shuttle crash. In a show of sheer FX force, the entire search takes place in the middle of a massive sandstorm, which is a true sight to behold. If nothing else, we’re losing one of the most visually stunning shows on TV.

In case you’re wondering when the new episodes might make it to air, join the rest of us. Disney has remained mum on its plans for Clone Wars since pulling the plug, though the best guess would be a possible DVD release or online agreement (i.e. Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime) to burn off the remaining episodes. Or something. C'mon, Disney, throw us a bone.

So, for now, enjoy the scene below and keep on hoping we’ll get to see how this all plays out.

(Via IGN)

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