In 1st full-length trailer, Star Wars Rebels is a look at the new canon

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May 5, 2014, 1:25 PM EDT (Updated)

Star Wars Rebels is the upcoming Star Wars TV show that will introduce us to the new canon. The first full-length trailer, below, tells us we should expect from this brave new Star Wars.

A wisecracking pilot. Derring-do with blasters. A Jedi. Imperial forces with English accents.

In fact, it's kind of impossible to distinguish this new universe from the previous one. The only difference is the Disney seal of approval. Fans who were upset about the nuking of the prior canon can mourn what was lost (in fact, we have a right to be pissed off, because after spending decades devoted to a universe we loved, it's just freakin' gone). But we can be optimistic for the future, because it's rebel business as usual here.

More proof comes in the form of the upcoming novels. Disney could have hired any writers in the world. Instead, they hired writers who had written for the OG (original galaxy).

As for Star Wars Rebels, the trailer is more of a glimpse into the world with precious little plot. But it gives Star Wars fans exactly what we want: light humor, heavy adventure, and a lightsaber.

Want to know more about Star Wars Rebels? We don't know the release date of the TV show, except that it's some time in fall 2014. But we do know the release date of the book that serves as its prequel: A New Dawn hit the stands on Sept. 2, 2014.

And depending on the released date of Star Wars Rebels, A New Dawn may be the first Star Wars matter to appear in the new canon.

Check out the trailer.

Via LATimes.

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