1st look at John Romita Jr.'s eagerly anticipated new Superman comic

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May 8, 2014, 2:31 PM EDT

Longtime Marvel legend John Romita Jr. has moved his shingle over to DC, and the first few pages from his new Superman comic have finally been revealed. Want to see the new and improved Man of Steel?

During his tenure at Marvel, Romita worked on everything from Spider-Man to Daredevil to Thor — and when his services opened up, DC jumped at the chance to bring him over to give Supes' look a tuneup.

Entertainment Weekly has the first few pages from Romita’s Superman #32, which is being written by Geoff Johns, and it definitely has the high-quality look fans have come to know and expect from Romita. The world looks vibrant, and the characters look great.

His Superman has a throwback vibe with some modern, squared-off accents, and it’s definitely a bit different from what fans might expect. The design is also a bit rougher around the edges than some previous designs. Do you dig it?

The comic is set to hit shelves June 25. Until then, marvel at the sample pages below.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)