1st look at Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell in J.J. Abrams' Revolution

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Always one to keep his old cast around, former Lost showrunner J.J. Abrams recently brought in former island resident and V alien fighter Elizabeth Mitchell to his new NBC show Revolution. Now we finally have our first look at her in action.

Actress Andrea Roth dropped out of the show after filming the pilot, so the creators brought in Mitchell for her character. Series co-producer Eric Kripke (Supernatural) told TV Line the change actually worked out for the best, as there were "facets of that character that Elizabeth would be best-suited to play."

These two pics show Mitchell apparently spending time with her family. Judging by the candles burning, it seems these scenes take place after all the power goes out.

The post-apocalyptic show is one of the buzzier projects coming down the pike, and it's set in a world where all electricity has ceased to work for over 15 years. Typically for an Abrams project, the cast soon uncover a conspiracy as to why the power went out—and how they might be able to turn it back on.

Check out Mitchell in the two pics below:

What's your take on Revolution? Is it the next Lost, or the next Alcatraz?

(Via TV Line)