No, this isn't from Days of Future Past. But the pics below are!

1st look at Patrick Stewart (and Cerebro!) in new X-Men set pics

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:32 AM EDT (Updated)

Yes, it’s happening. After all the buildup, work is finally (really, truly) underway on X-Men: Days of Future Past. Want proof?

Director Bryan Singer has tweeted two new pics from preproduction, showing off the outer area of the massive Cerebro set, as well as a shot of Patrick Stewart ready to rock and roll (get it?) as Professor X.

Filming officially kicked off today, though some of the cast was apparently on set yesterday for some final preparations. We only get to see Stewart from the side, but his outfit does have a slightly apocalyptic vibe, don’t you think? Of course, that could just be what Stewart happened to wear to the set that today, but it’s still intriguing.

As for Cerebro? It’s amazing to see the massive scale of the set, as it absolutely dwarfs Singer as he stands in the foreground. Considering the timey-wimey-ness of the story, it stands to reason Cerebro could factor in as the X-Men will likely need to track down someone at some point related to all those apocalypse-avoiding shenanigans.

The sequel, which bridges the gap between X-Men: First Class and the original X-Men film trilogy, is based on the seminal 1980s time-travel storyline about the team trying to avert an apocalyptic future when mutants are hunted down and rounded up. With Singer back at the helm, it has the potential to be, well, fantastic.

So, fingers crossed.

(Via Twitter)

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