1st look at SGU’s Robert Knepper as DC baddie The Clock King on Arrow

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Feb 18, 2014, 5:04 PM EST

The CW’s hit superhero series Arrow is set to introduce yet another DC baddie via the Clock King next week, and we have our first look at genre alum Robert Knepper in the tick-tocky role.

The Clock King has been bouncing around DC lore for decades, and has been a foe of Green Arrow since the 1960s. Though there have been a few different adaptations, Knepper (Stargate Universe, Cult) will be playing the classic William Tockman version.

The baddie is best known for his rigid adherence to time and order, and has been known to use a fair share of clock-like gadgetry. It’ll be interesting to see how they take a somewhat quirky character and make him a true threat in the more grounded Arrow-verse. Judging by the creepy look, and the gun, we're thinking something serial killer-y?

Check out some pics of Knepper in action below, but be warned, they do seem to showcase a few spoilers as to his interactions with Team Arrow. Along with the Clock King stuff, we also get a look at what seems to be an extremely awkward family dinner for the Lance family. Eek.

The episode, dubbed “Time of Death,” is set to air next Wednesday on The CW.

(Via Zap2it)