1st look at Star Wars: Rebels' 'cowboy Jedi' character played by Freddie Prinze Jr.

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Feb 11, 2014, 6:10 PM EST

The new animated series Star Wars: Rebels will feature a character described as a “cowboy Jedi,” who is voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr. Yep, you read that correctly.

The folks at Disney are finally starting to peel back the layers of who’ll be fighting for freedom in a galaxy far, far away when this show debuts in the fall, and the first protagonist has been revealed: Kanan, a gunslinger Jedi who is “full of bravado and the Force.”

USA Today broke the story, noting that Kanan has been on the run ever since the evil Emperor put out Order 66 during the prequel trilogy to try and take out all the Jedis. In the 14 years since Revenge of the Sith, Kanan has spent his days keeping a low profile with his lightsaber locked away. But he takes up his Jedi mantle once again with the crew of his ship The Ghost to do battle with the series’ new baddie, the Inquisitor.

The Mouse House has signed Freddie Prinze Jr. (Scooby Doo, 24), aka Mr. Sarah Michelle Gellar, to bring the character to life. Though he seems like an odd casting choice, Prinze seems genuinely psyched to be a part of the Star Wars universe, noting that he’s been a fan ever since he was a kid.

To help introduce us all to the new hero, Disney has released an introductory video breaking down the character and what we can expect:

The Disney XD series is set to debut this fall with a one-hour special, and will then launch as a half-hour episodic series. What do you think? Is Kanan the man to help lead the charge against the Empire?

(Via USA Today)