1st peek at The CW's Flash vintage-style logo (plus casting reports!)

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Dec 5, 2013, 11:01 AM EST

We finally got our first look at Grant Gustin as Barry Allen on Arrow last night, and now we have some tantalizing details about his full-fledged Flash pilot that is on the way.

One thing The CW has gotten very, very right with Arrow is the “branding” behind the look of the series. It’s dark, legit and a worthy extension of the comic canon. So what can we expect from the new Flash spinoff?

A pic showing off a few casting reports gives us our first guess, as the pages show off a classic-style Flash logo to advertise casting breakdowns for the upcoming pilot episode. The logo, if it sticks around as the official logo, should definitely make comic fans happy.

Oh, and there’s also the actual content of those casting reports — namely, two characters we’ll apparently meet in the pilot. The first? Iris West, aka the Flash’s longtime love interest in the comic canon. Not surprisingly, we’d expect this character to stick around for the long haul once the series gets rolling. We’re also curious how much of her scattered time-traveling backstory from the comics might eventually make it into the series.

The other role is a bit more mysterious. Identified only as “Detective West,” we don’t know much about this role. Perhaps a family member of Iris who serves on the Central City PD with Barry Allen, and leads to the eventual couple’s first meeting? What do you think?

As we heard a while back, the network has axed the “backdoor pilot” plan, and is now developing a full-fledged Flash pilot episode to launch the spinoff series. So, any fan favorite stars you’d like to see round out the rest of the new cast?

(Via Comic Book Movie)