1st role cast in Stephen King's The Stand, and it's not who you think

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May 8, 2014, 11:18 AM EDT

Warner Bros. and CBS Films are still working on their big-screen adaptation of The Stand. It's one of Stephen King's most popular novels, with an epic story and a large cast of characters. Because of The Stand's huge scope, it's been hard to get a movie just version right. There's so much to be covered in a two-hour period. That's why the studio initially had issues finding a director to tackle the project.

Earlier this year, Josh Boone signed on to write and direct The Stand after Scott Cooper dropped out. His version is expected to be rated R and remain close to the book. But this latest bit of casting news might put the lie to that. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Boone revealed that the film's first character has been cast.

Unfortunately, the newly filled role isn't one of the protagonists or even the antagonist from the book. Boone has hired Nat Wolff to play a character specifically created for the film. Apparently Boone is a huge fan of Wolff, whom he's already worked with twice before. The actor starred in his 2012 directorial debut, Stuck in Love, and the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars.

When it comes to their working relatonship, Boone said, "He's a wonderful improviser, he's my secret weapon, my lucky rabbit's foot. Two or three of the biggest laughs in my first movie, he improvised. He's gonna be in every movie I make."

Currently there's no word on how Wolff's character will fit into The Stand story.

What do you think about Boone creating a new character for the film?

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