1st trailer for superhero comedy series Caper (from Felicia Day's studio)

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Jan 31, 2014

The superheroes are turning to a life of crime in the new comedy superhero series Caper, developed by Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry channel. Why? Hey, you got to pay the rent.

The online comedy series was developed by Amy Berg (Eureka, Leverage) and Mike Sizemore, and follows a team of superheroes who are forced to start pulling heists and capers just to make rent on their apartment. Crime may not pay, but it apparently pays a lot better than being a hero. Go figure.

The trailer is a bit clunky, but we have faith in Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry channel, so we’ll definitely give it a chance. The show stars Abby Miller (Justified), Beth Riesgraf (Leverage), Harry Shum Jr. (Glee), and Hartley Sawyer (Glory Daze).

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

The series is set to debut in February. Will you sign on for the Caper?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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