1st clip from astro-prison pic Lockout shows Guy Pearce is a space jerk

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Dec 17, 2012

The more we get to see of writer-producer Luc Besson's space-based film Lockout, the more it looks like the kind of pulpy, anti-heroic fun that we haven't encountered since John Carpenter's Escape From New York. And by the looks of it, that's exactly what the filmmakers are going for.

Pearce definitely seems to be channeling Kurt Russell's Snake Plissken, which makes sense, given that he's playing a criminal named Snow who's sent into a supermax prison to rescue a VIP—in this case, the president's daughter (Maggie Grace)—who clearly doesn't belong trapped with the worst humanity has to offer. And he doesn't treat her too kindly, either.

Don't mistake me drawing Lockout's clear parallels to Escape for a bad thing: It's the sort of flick we haven't had for a while, and I can't wait until April 13 to see what's what.

(via MovieWeb)

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