1st close-up look at Bane's Dark Knight Rises doomsday device

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Dec 15, 2012

Last month, we showed you video of Bane taking over a football stadium and wielding a mysterious device in front of a crowd of extras. Now we've got close-up photos of the device itself. Is this Batman's greatest threat in The Dark Knight Rises?

Video taken by an extra at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh last month shows Bane and his thugs blowing up the home field of the Gotham Rogues football team (sort of; that's an effects shot they'll add in later, apparently) and then making an entrance. He speaks to the crowd and calls his device "the instrument of your liberation."

And here's the device itself on the Dark Knight Rises set, surrounded by technicians and director Christopher Nolan himself. From these photos, it's hard to tell what exactly the device might do, but it's a pretty hefty prop, and based on that little video, it's got big implications for the film's plot.

So what's this bad boy for? What's Bane going to do to "liberate" the people of Gotham?

(via Comic Book Movie)