1st exciting trailer gives monster-filled look at Sinbad TV series

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

While we're still "waiting" for that Keanu Reeves Sinbad movie, Sky1 (a premium U.K. channel) and BBC Worldwide have gone ahead with their own re-imagining of the classic Arabian Nights tale. And it sure looks like we could be in for an exciting magical ride.

The new 12-part drama series stars Elliot Knight in the role of the legendary sailor—who for once is not played by a white dude with an awesome tan or some atrocious orangey makeup—and also happens to star Lost's Naveen Andrews as Sinbad's arch-nemesis, Lord Akbari.

The action-packed and magical-creatures-filled series will follow Sinbad "as he goes on the run from his hometown of Basra, and ends up on a ship called The Providence with a group of travellers.''

Dame Janet Suzman, Elliot Cowan, Marama Corlett, Estella Daniels, Junix Inocian, Dimitri Leonidas, Orla Brady, Sophie Okonedo and Timothy Spall round up the rest of the cast.

Sinbad is set to air in the U.K. on Sky1 this July. No word (yet) on when we'll see this one in North America, but stay tuned.

So would you be ready to sail the seas with Sinbad?

(via Digital Spy)