1st far-too-short teaser trailer for The Hunger Game tantalizes

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Dec 15, 2012

For those wanting more than a nanosecond glimpse of Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) in The Hunger Games, the wait is over.

The teaser trailer below made its promised debut at the VMA Awards last night, and in it, we get to see the resourceful lead running through the woods, avoiding flames; even though Katniss is known as the Girl on Fire, the name comes from her pregame costume, and not from any fire-starting tendencies.

For those of us waiting for more varied footage, we're out of luck. But at least we have something more to dream about during the months before the movie is released. The Hunger Games, about an all-too-real reality show, is expected to hit theaters on March 23, 2012.

Check it out!

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